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Retractable Pet Bag Foldable Pet Bag Car Bag (Black For Medium Pets) ykmu97bf24024-Backpacks

Albion Online is bursting at the seams with features, each seamlessly integrated, providing a true sandbox world.

Albion Online is worth looking at because it aims to deconstruct the overwrought cut-and-paste template that too many MMOs build from.

If you’ve been looking for a new game to challenge you and bring back that nostalgic sandbox feel then you really need look no further than Albion Online.

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★ Quality pet bag is made of oxford cloth, equipped with a retractable and breathable mesh, providing a safe, soft, comfortable environment.
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★ Our scalable carrier can fully meet your needs. The interior uses warm and soft floor mats, expandable foldable breathable mesh, non-toxic and odorless materials, and easy to clean.
★ Suitable for medium-sized pets due to the stretchable fabric.
★ Quality Assurance Your satisfaction is our greatest wish. If you have any questions about our pet bag, please contact us.

Fight for your life

PvP Action

Challenge yourself with intense, exhilarating PvP fighting with the greatest warriors in the open world of Albion. Gear up and use teamwork to send the enemy fleeing from the battlefield! Only the most skilful fighters will leave the field victorious!

Fight for your life

GvG Warfare

You can conquer the vast world of Albion for yourself! Territories mean shelter from the dangers of the wilderness, and room to build villages and gather precious resources. Claim yours, then expand your empire and protect it from invaders!

Fight for your life

PvE Battles

Monster hunting isn’t just a pastime in Albion Online. The creatures you fight provide you with the resources you’ll need to create weapons and items. Arm yourself wisely: Powerful beasts lurk in the world below, and only true heroes can best them!

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Player-Driven Economy


Need a break from fighting for your life, but still want to support your guild? Retire to your own private island off the coast of Albion and build and maintain a farm, including crops and animals, with a whole new set of buildings. Generate food to fuel your guild’s war efforts, or even just sell on the market for a profit!

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Player-Driven Economy

Discover, Gather, Hunt

To erect the greatest cities and smith the most deadly weapons requires resources, and plenty of them. Search far and wide to find the very rarest, most prized materials. But be on your guard - your enemies will be looking too!

Player-Driven Economy

Craft your own armor and weapons

A player forges their own destiny! Be it a mighty set of armor, a magic staff or a set of sturdy tools - all items are crafted by you in our player-driven economy, so take up position at the anvil and get smithing!

Player-Driven Economy

Haul your goods around the world

There are many ways to transport goods across the vast world of Albion. So load up your trusty pack mule and set off on your way! Be warned, though, a full carriage is slow, and an easy target for thieves - be prepared to protect your cargo!

Player-Driven Economy

Trade your goods at local marketplaces

Have more resources and items than you know what to do with? Or are you looking for a particular kind of blade? Take yourself to the nearest marketplace – plenty of traders await you there, and you’re sure to find what you’re looking for!

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Feature 3

Real Estate

Player Housing

Build your home, then furnish and decorate it to your own style! Comfy beds, tables laden with hearty food, gruesome hunting trophies… Furniture not only makes your house a home; each item also provides distinct bonuses and abilities to your character.

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Real Estate

Your own corner of Albion

Claim your own corner of the world, then choose from over 20 buildings to develop your patch of land into a functioning city! Whether military, industrial or residential; plan carefully to use the valuable building land effectively and expand your empire.

Feature 4

Character Customization

Destiny Board

To create your perfect character, you need to be shown the many paths your destiny could take you. That’s where the Destiny Board comes in! The Destiny Board shows you everything you are and everything you could be, and that’s a lot! Dive in and choose your path.

Character Customization

No classes - no restrictions

Forget what you know from other MMOs. There are no classes in Albion Online, which means no restrictions on what you can equip. Experiment to design and create your own perfect build - in Albion Online, you are what you wear!

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A Dangerous World

Demons of Hell

From hideous, fiery nightmares comes an entirely new threat to the world of Albion: The Demons of Hell. For now, their presence is felt only dimly as they try to force their way through gates between this world and theirs, but their will to crossover is unwavering.

A Dangerous World

The Heretics

The Heretics were corrupted heavily by the magical fallout from the Great War, and are now barely recognizable as their former selves. Crazed, they roam the world of Albion with no purpose but indiscriminate murder. Show them no mercy!

A Dangerous World

Keepers of Albion

Deep in the forests dwell Albion's oldest denizens, its Keepers. The native inhabitants of Albion channel its dangerous magical power from the nature around them, and are remnants of a forgotten era of peace. They will fight fiercely for their home!

A Dangerous World

The Undead

The fallen of Albion rarely stay dead for long… Skeletal forms of restless spirits roam in the dark, cavernous recesses of the crypts and dungeons under the earth, preying on unwitting adventurers. These husks know no mercy, and should be shown none!

A Dangerous World

Disciples of Morgana

Once an immensely powerful sorceress, Morgana diminished after a cataclysmic battle with Merlin at the end of the Great War. However, her devoted Disciples walk the earth still, bearing her standard in the name of evil, devastation... and revenge.

A Dangerous World

Royal Expeditionary Forces

Sent from the Old World to the coasts of Albion to exploit its resources, the Royals now serve as a place of refuge for newcomers in Albion. Not out of charity, of course, but to fill the King’s coffers in the Old World.

Truly Cross-Platform

Albion Online is the first truly cross-platform MMO experience, available for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android, with all players on one master server in one massive, sprawling world. You choose how your adventure evolves; at home or on the go!

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The latest News from Albion

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Adventure Awaits

Download the game and start your journey into Albion now. A vast, open world of endless possibility awaits. Join now and tell your story!

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